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The Four Dollar View

The $4 View

One could argue that the view is free–I would say that since the parking lot which I saw this in cost me $4, it came with the package.

Sometimes, Atlanta is beautiful.


The One Dollar Vase

Eggshell vase with brown floral pattern

Eggshell vase with brown floral pattern

I was with a group at the best thrift store ever (with maybe the worst website) and stumbled across this surprisingly non-awful vase. It reminds me, graphically, octopus vase my aunt owns. I don’t know why–it’s clearly lacking in cephalopods. Nonetheless, I like it. I think I’ll take it with me to college.

The Two Dollar Shoes

The two dollar shoes

The two dollar shoes

I was in the car with a friend yesterday, driving to Decatur, when we chanced to look out of the window. Then I had the following conversation:

ME: Holy hell! Church yard sale!
FRIEND: Really?!

See, we love this yard sale. Last year it allowed me to score a vintage Samsonite suitcase in the weirdest blue color for $3, with the keys to the locks.

This year, I got $2 shoes, and they are wonderful. Not only that, but my friend got a $5 super-8 projector. We took it home, cleaned out the rotting crap inside of it (grease, we hope), plugged it in, and managed to scare the bejesus out of ourselves with the noise the thing made. It was a good day.

In addition to the $2 shoes, I got the $1.75 bag which weirdly matched the shoes:

The bag was $1.75, Etienne Angier, grey-ish clutch that has an optional strap

The bag was $1.75, Etienne Angier, grey-ish clutch that has an optional strap

Makes me wonder if they weren’t from the same place.